Vol.14, 2017 (published in 2018)

Welfare and Tax system by Anti-Immigration Party in Denmark: The Case of Tax Reform in 2004 (Shintaro Kurachi)
A novel approach to innovation policy and its organizational foundations for its implementation in Finland: The significance of intermediary organizations (Norio Tokumaru)

【Research Note】
Sami Language Revitalisation and Higher Education: The case of Sami University College, Norway (Yoko Tanabe)
Grundtvig and "folk": voice, religion and ethnicity (Munetaka Tabuchi)

【Book Reviews】
- Megumi Honjo
- Masazumi Ito

Vol.13, 2016

【Special Issue: Welfare and Civil Society in Norway】
How does the interaction between public and private responsibilities change as response to demographic ageing?

Study on Support for Children at Compulsive Schools forcused on Mental and Social Welfare Problems: through Characteristics and Issues of Support System Model in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland (Sachiyo Ishida and Kanako Korenaga)
Development of User Participation in Danish Child Day-care Institutions: Pathways and Functions of Parents' Voice (Momoko Sato)
The Rise of the Icelandic Pirate Party: Exclusion and inclusion in the political decision-making processes (Jun Shiota)

【Research Note】
Historical Background of Nuclear Waste Policy Formation in Finland: Based on a Comparison with Germany (Nagako Sato)
New Strategy of Education Export: Finnish Way of Internationalization, Commodification and Commercialization of Education (Chino Yabunaga)

【Book Reviews】
- Etsuo Yokoyama
- Yuriko Shibayama
- Takeshi Shimauchi

Vol.12, 2015

【Special Issue: Characteristics and Achievements of Swedish Firms】
Swedish Corporate Governance and the Role of Employee Representation on the Board (Miki Kishida)
Spreading of Lean Production under Strategy Cooperation by Lyftet in Sweden (Yutaka Tamura)

Integration of Sweden into the European Single Market and the Changes of Economic Institution (Sawako Maruyama)

Neighborhood Democracy in Finland: A Case Study of Rovaniemi City District Committee (Satomi Tanaka)

Waiting Time for Medical Care in Sweden (Kayo Fukami)

【Research Note】
A Study of the Swedish Labour Market Situation and the Causes of Gap
Focusing on Second Generation Immigrants (Sae Tamagawa)

A School Dilemma for the Indigenous Saami Population of Southern Saami Area in Norway: A Comparison with the Swedish Case (Noriko Hasegawa)

【Book Reviews】
- Suzuki, Kenji
- Thunman-Takei, Noriko
- Tanabe, Uta

Vol.11, 2014

【Special Issue: Current Situation of Social Inclusion in Northern Europe】
Back to the Future: Political Development and Inclusion in Denmark and Sweden (Ogawa Ariyoshi)
Immigration, Social Inclusion and Integration in Sweden (Shinoda Takeshi)

Who Fulfill the Functions of Community Work in Sweden?:
From the Perspectives Inside and Outside of Social Work (Yoshioka Yoko)

【Research Note】
Systems and Principles to Support the Independence for the Elderly People in Sweden:
Based on the Field Study (Korenaga Kanako)

【Book Reviews】
- Ooka, Yorimitsu
- Kinoshita, Aya
- Yabunaga, Chino

Vol.10, 2013

【Special Issue: Changes in Local Governance of Nordic Countries】
Recent Development of "New Regionalism"in Sweden (Akira Anami)
Policy Oriented Local Democracy - Parliamentary System of Oslo - (Hiroshi Shiratori)
Political Process of Municipal Amalgamations in Finland and Japan: Differences and Similarities (Pekka Kettunen, Chino Yabunaga)
Report: Local Administration Changes in Denmark: Globalization and Welfare State (Akira Suganuma)

L.K. Daa's View on Scandinavism and the Nation: A Study on the ideological Lineage of Scandinavism in Norway (Taro Otani)
The Intimist Painting in Wallonia: 'L'Ecole vervietoise' and 'Northern' Symbolist Painting (Jun Mita)

【Research Note】
Citizen Participation and Service Security in a Municipality after a Merger: District committee in the City of Rovaniemi, Finland (Satomi Tanaka)

【Book Reviews】
Hideyuki Kawano
Takeshi Shinoda

Vol.9, 2012

The Growth Strategy of the New Right-wing Party in Norway: From "Chauvinism" to the Populist Party in Norway (Masako Iwasaki)
Rural Areas in Finland: Maintenance and Revitalization of Rural Areas with a Rural Plicy and Local Action (Satomi Tanaka)
Flexicurity of Public Childcare Support in Denmark: Focusing on Childbirth and Childcare Leave of Employees in Private Sector (Sonoe Nakajima)
A Comparative Study of Normative Attitude toward Helping between Japan and Sweden: From the Survey Analysis of Welfare Personnels, Teachers, and University Students (Haruhiko Hoshino, Akiko Otsuka, Mieko Akiyama, Kyoko Mori)

【Research Note】
Special Needs Education and Academic Achievements in Finnish Regular Schools (Kanako Korenaga)
Transformation of the Innovation Policy in Finland: Governing the Evolutionary Innovation Process (Norio Tokumaru)
"Power Politics" in Baltic States: A Report on the Development of the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant Project (Shinsuke Tomotsugu)
The Education for Minority and Indigenous Peoples in Norway: The Sami Schools of Southern Sami Area in the Missionary Period (Noriko Hasegawa)